Saturday, October 17, 2015

BD'H Mrs. Henny Machlis a"h Machnisas Orchim hostess of Yerushalyim

Mrs. Henny Machlis a'h passed away erev shabbos parshas Noach after an illness she was 59. For more than two decades Rabbi Mordechai and Henny Machlis have opened their home in the Maalot Dafna neighborhood of yerushalayim, to an amazing assortment of Shabbos guests. Every week 60-100 guests show up for Friday night dinner, and an equal number for Shabbas lunch.  Travelers, yeshiva students, university students, the homeless, the mentally ill, Hadassah ladies, tourists, lost souls, U.J.A. mission visitors, new immigrants, drunkards, widows, orphans, Sar El volunteers for Israel, Birthright participants, and truth seekers all came to the Machlis home for a shabbos meal. Henny Machlis's kitchen was an apt metaphor for her heart. A glimpse into the kitchen, less than half the size of a normal American kitchen, leaves one wondering how 200 Shabbos meals a week can issue from such a room. Similarly, one wonders how so much love and compassion for literally thousands of individuals can issue from one human heart. She leaves behind her husband and 12 yesomim who are following in her way. Kevurah took place at the Sanhedria cemetery of Yerushalyim.
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