Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Six months Winter Zman begins in the Yeshiva world

In these days we need the koach haTorah to protect us.
Winter Zman, or "Vinter zman" is well underway in the Yeshiva world, for thousands of yeshiva Bochurim and youngeleit, Its the longest uninterrupted zman of the year. This year 5776 being a leap year extends the zman another month making it a full six months zman. It began Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan and ends in the begining of Chodesh Nissan.

 Many yeshivos learn the yeshivishe mesechtos of Noshim and Nezikin, the shvere Sugyos of shas. It is a Zman were many have shteiged, were many can look back years later and point to that winter zman where they reached new levels of learning.

 The yeshiva year consists  of three zmanim, Elul Zman, Winter Zman and Summer zman. Winter zman is the zman most crucial zman of the three. The long stretch without interruption coupled with long winter nights have enabled many to accomplish and grow in Torah.

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