Sunday, May 1, 2016

BizTank- The frum Shark Tank a joint Ami-IMBC projec

Enter BizTank, a joint Ami-IMBC project, where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to "The Moguls," a group of top Jewish business investors. From $50,000 to $5,000,000 - Follow the full story in Ami Magazine's Business section beginning in this week's Mega Pesach edition. Get a chance for an investment! Submit your pitch at:  The mission of BizTank,
presented by Joel Klein, CPBC in conjunction with Ami magazine, is to have a platform where entrepreneurs and business people can pitch their ideas, existing business expansion plans, patents and concepts to get an investment offer from a group of seasoned investors. Along with an investment opportunity, presenters gain connections with the right people who can take their ventures very far. Additionally, the general public can listen, learn and grow from the intelligent process through the weekly serial in the Ami Business section and live video episodes.

About Joel Klein, CPBC

Over the past 15 years, Joel Klein, Certified Professional Business Coach and CEO of IMBC (Immediate Marketing & Business Consulting), a Brooklyn based business consulting and marketing firm, has been coaching and consulting countless business owners and investors to help gain their greatness by expanding and growing their companies.

From Eureka's new line of irons to big supermarket chains grossing $40 million a week, Joel has been instrumental in taking companies and brands, across the globe, to great heights.

To learn more about Joel and IMBC, visit

About Ami Magazine

Ami Magazine, a weekly publication distributed world-wide, sets a new standard in Jewish media. Ami offers readers investigative and intriguing features as well as inviting and professional columns. The AMI Magazine umbrella includes Ami’s flagship magazine, containing Ami Business, timely news and opinions; Ami Living, addressing issues that affect the everyday lives of our readers; and AIM, an educational and entertaining magazine for tweens. Inserted within Ami Living is an innovative food magazine pullout, Whisk.
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  1. You criticize YWN and others, yet you post this? This is a chilul Hashem. Ami is just chasing the Modern Orthodox by showing them that they can be like Good Housekeeping and Readers Digest...