Thursday, May 12, 2016

Watch, View, Must see! frum news websites now full time entertainment

No more comments, no more articles to read, the frum news websites have all but caught up to the secular sites they were supposed to keep readers away from. A reflection of the times, the comments section is a thing of the past. No more do people take the time to discuss issues or articles. Unfortunately, the content on frum websites has shifted to viral videos or the latest video clips making its rounds on social media. Every other headline screams Watch this, see this, must see video. Besides for the lashon hora aspect in these videos its counter productive to what kosher news is supposed to be. You can now sit back and watch full TV news 24 hours live streaming on the frum news sites and blogs catering to the yeshiva world community. A ratings war for hits and visitors among the  websites has lowered the bar as editors post content that never would have been posted just a few years ago. The argument would be thats what people want to see we are catering to their needs. Well why is there a double standard when it comes to the print media none of this nonsense gets published. Its time to rethink the concept of how  frum news should be reported and presented online, no reason to have two sets of rules, one for the print media  and another one for  the internet.

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