Monday, May 2, 2016

No shame in publicly shaming frum jews

The frum online media keeps sinking lower and lower it seems after Failed Messiah shut down these so called frum yeshiva websites felt the responsibility to pick up where FM left off. Yeshiva world news published a few videos publicizing shame on frum Jews. One video with the title "chometz fights on motzei Pesach" showing Yiddin "fighting" over chometz items in a store the day after Pesach. Obviously the title is meant to get hits while painting and showing frum Jews in a bad light. Why else would such a video be posted? Oh perhaps these anonymous websites  consider themselves the moral authority and it is their job to lecture and rebuke the behaviors of  frum Jews, that is what failed Messiah said too.

On its Facebook page Yeshiva world News has published another video under the guise of self righteousness  embarrassing frum Jews and spreading sinas chinom  by posting pictures or videos of  kids enjoying a ride on a Chol Hamoed outing. The caption reads:
  "Pay 25 cents for 1 person, and 12 others ride for free. Not to mention the damage that can be caused to the ride.We know. We will be called haters and anti-semites for posting this" Yes, posting these videos would be befitting for an anti Semitic publication. If a prominent Rav feels these are issues to be dealt with lets hear it directly from him not by an anonymous website posting anonymous op eds causing a chilul hashem and bashmutzing klal yisrael.



  1. The answer is that kllal yisroel no longer has REAL manhigim. Manhigim today are afraid to speak up for fear of being called names and worse.
    And therefore the blogs are taking over because they are anonymous . Take a look what they did to rav shteinman. He said his shita and he got badmouthed and lynched because of it. This is why things have to be said anonymously, besides for the fact that sunshine is the best disinfectant.

    1. The problem is that Torah run organizations such as Agudah, Torah Umesorah and the likes advertise on these frum websites giving a haskama to the content. If we stop patronizing sites that spread hate and chilul hashem perhaps there would be more accountability.

  2. I understand you want to let us know about the Ywn posting but don;t put a link so others can see it


  4. They want Rechnitz to buy them out!

  5. Eidensohn on his fake daas Torah blog is much worse. He constantly makes fun of our Gedolim and poskim and looks to post anything negative on yidden. Besides not knowing Halacha, he demands from our poskim to listen to him. Anyone who is מבייש תלמידי חכמים has a din of an apikores.