Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yeshivos Affected by Hurricane sandy looking to relocate

The destruction and devastation of Hurricane sandy has affected many yeshivos in the tri state Area. The yeshivos of Long beach, Darchei Torah and Belle Harbor in the Rockaways will be misplaced for a few months, as their area has been devastated. LIPA has said it will take up to 7 weeks to restore power to the Rockaways. Peekskill yeshiva has no power and many Bochurim have gone home and learning in other cities. Some yeshivos are running on Generators. In Lakewood the yeshiva got hold of a mass generator to power up the batei midrashim. Many yeshivos have relocated to area shuls that have power.
Despite the Hardship The Kol Hatorah continues to resonate in our heilige yeshivos.

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