Monday, November 12, 2012

Novominsker Rebbe at Agudah Kinus - waters crossed the border to expell the mud of the sea back on to land

The Novominsker rebbe speaking at the Agudah Kinus of Chizuk for hurricane sandy, elaborated on how there is a gevul- a border between the mayim and the yabasha. When Hashem created the world it was all mayim than hashem said that the waters should gather and separate from the land. As the Posuk says in Tehilim in borchi nafshi, Gvul samta baal yaavorun there is a border that the water can not cross. The recent storm that we have witnessed had the water cross over this gevul this is clearly a yad hashem.

Symbolically speaking the Rebbe explained, that the yam cant keep still, it is the recipient of Aveiros as we say tashlich and it absorbs the Aveiros, as the navie yeshaya says והרשעים כים נגרש כי השקט לא יוכל ויגרשו מימיו רפש וטיט, expels all the refesh v'atit of the briah. Dont we have a great deal of refesh and tit in our society? Its about time we think about the refesh vatit that came into our personal lives,the garbage and mud as the Navie yeshaya describes. This has made a dent into civilization and gotten into our lives.

When the water is in its place its never happy, it wants to conquer the entire world it wants to spill the refesh vatit out onto the land .The rebbe said he was told by members of his own family not to use the word technology but he can not hold back. Rabbosai the eibishter is speaking to us on the amount of refesh vatit we have absorbed in our lives. Its time that we make a cheshbon on the civilization of our neshama and we must take that into perspective. The rebbe than spoke about the nesius ohl of  the absolute poverty that families have suddenly been thrown into. He lent the mike to the other speakers to talk about the bein adam lachaveroi and to describe the situation on the ground. We must have a deeper perspective on to what hakb"h did to us in the last 10 days.  Yidden should have nachas, a roof over their heads and clothes to wear, and hashem should send us the geulah.

 Click HERE to watch Video of Seagate community devastated by Hurricane sandy Produced by Arye Gelbard studio 7.

Rav Yaakov Bender spoke how it is incumbent on all to take charge and do something we must become a nasi. He gave first hand accounts of families devastated. People with literally no roof over their heads and no where to go. He mentioned how people who never took anything in their lives are now forced to accept and be the recipient of others. The amount needed for the Far Rockaway Five times communities is in the 15-20 million dollar range. Rabbi Meisels of Seagate addressed the crowd he put the number for seagate at 10 Million to help the 300 homeless mishpachos rebuild He said the Hurricane didn't just hit seagate but all of us. 

Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lief concluded with divrei Hisoirerus that the storm is not called Huricane Sandy but is from hashem רוח סערה עושה דברו. Hashem is sending us a message and we must be mechazek. He quoted from the Rambam in begining of Hilchos taanis. He mentioned the great achdus and chesed that is going on all over, He brought up an idea shared with Reb Shimshi Sherer that each family in Brooklyn adopt a misplaced family from Far Rockaway or seagate and show that we care. One couple came to him they lost everything and their first request was to write a new Kseubah since they lost their kesuba due to Hurricane Sandy. He danced with the 2 eidim and sang od yishoma  to lift up their spirits. 

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