Thursday, November 1, 2012

Frum families face challenges for shabbos due to hurricane sandy, shadchan service available to host people for shabbos

Email us at If you can host a family for shabbos anywhere in the tri state area. Or if you are in need of a place to stay.

With many areas in the tri state still without power many mishpachos are scrambling to make last minute shabbos plans. While hopefull that power will be restored, there are many areas in Monsey, Passaic, Lakewood, Brooklyn, Lower east side of Manhattan and the five towns that are out of power and it will not be restored before shabbos.
 Making things more complicated, many people don't have gas or cant fill up, to go away for shabbos. People who do have power are lending out their kitchens and homes so that they have where to cook for shabbos.
 In Lakewood, NJ a website was created to act as a shadchan serce and pair up those that need a place with those that are offering their homes or have apartments.
In adition  the Eruv in many local places is down.

 Lakewood click here
Five towns click  HERE
Monsey Eruv is down this shabbos due to Huricane sandy damage

 Call Kol Hachessed 718.705.5000 X28 X2 X22 & leave a message

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