Monday, November 12, 2012

Rav Shteinman- We must feel the pain for those affected by Hurricane Sandy

Rav Aaron L. shteinman when told about the communities devastated by Hurricane sandy  was pained about the yidden who suffered from the Storm. He quoted  the gemara in bava basra end of the 3rd perek, when the bais hamikdosh was destroyed there were those who wanted to stop eating meat and drinking wine since they no longer brought karbanos on the mizbeach or poured wine on the mizbeach. The gemara continues, that the tzibbur is not holding by such a madraiga and they did establish other halachos to make a  zecher lechurban such as leaving an empty space on the wall of your house. But in essence we should not be eating meat or drinking wine.
 Rav Shteinman pointed out that  in regarding the suffering and events that has befallen on klal yisroel, we must feel the pain to the utmost level just like by the bais hamikdosh were in theory we should not be eating meat as the gemara starts off. He stressed that there be Chizukin Limud hatorah in mitzvos and in Tznius as the posuk says   ושב מאחריך ולא יראה בך ערות דבר

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