Thursday, November 15, 2012


TO: All friends and constituents of Agudath Israel of America

There has been an escalation of rocket-fire, Rachmana litzlan, from Gaza into southern Eretz Yisroel over recent days.  Rockets have hit Beersheba and Kiryat Malakhi, where three people were killed, Hy"d.  Today rockets landed in central Israel, in Holon and Rishon Letzion.  Israeli military authorities have told the citizenry to be prepared for more Arab violence, chalila

There has been violent activity in the north as well, as Syrian mortar shells have landed near Israeli army posts.

This is a critical time for Acheinu Bnei Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel.  We call on all Yidden todaven for our brethren and beseech HaKodosh Boruch Hu to undermine the evil designs of those who relish the spilling of Jewish blood, R"l

Our gedolim have long called on us to recite Tehillim (in particular kapitlach 83, 130 and 142) in behalf of our brethren in Eretz Yisroel.  That is certainly most appropriate at this urgent moment. 

May we be zocheh to the bracha that includes all, birchas hashalom.

David Zwiebel, Esq.
Executive Vice President
Agudath Israel of America

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