Monday, August 4, 2014

Halachos -laws for Erev Tisha B'Av 5774 / 2014

1. After Chatzos on Erev tisha B'av some poskim hold the minhag is not to learn anything which is Assuron Tisha Bav itself. Only that which is Muttar to learn on the 9th of Av. (see below for permissible learning)

2. We do not say tachnun after Mincha on erev Tisha Beav. One may not take a leasurly stroll unless he does it commonly for health reasons.
3. It is prohibited to fast on Erev Tisha bav. We eat a  final meal before the fast, it is called the Seudas hamafsekes סעודת המפסקת the seudah which separates from eating to begining the fast of Tisha b'av
4. It must be eaten after noon and befor shkiah/sunset and no other meal may be eaten thereafter. One may drink water or eat if he did not assume the fast after the seudas hamafsekes.

5.The Seudas Hamefsekes may be preceded by a regular meal the minhag is to daven mincha in between the 2 meals.
6. The minhag is for the seudas hamafsekes to eat only bread and water, and a boiled egg dipped in ash some dip the bread in Ash.
7. The seudah is eaten seated on the ground or on a stool within 3 tefachim, we do not socialize and we it alone and avoid eating three peopel together to avoid a chiyuv of zimun
8. if  One wants to drink water or eat after the seudas hamafsekes untill shkiah it is better if he stipulates his intent verbally to do so before bentching bentching.
9. We may not sit on a chair after sunset. Shoes are to be removed before shkiah.

Torah Learning permissable on Tisha Ba'v

 Click HERE for Artscroll gemara on Kamtza and Bar Kamtza.

- The Book of Iyov (Job) and its commentaries

- The Kinos (Lamentations) said on Tisha b'Av may be studied

- Talmud: Gittin 55b - 58b; Moed Katan Chapter 3 (Laws of Mourning)

- Talmud Yerushalmi: Last Chapter of Ta'anis

- Shulchan Aruch: Laws of Tisha b'Av; Laws of Mourning

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