Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lashon Hora 24/7- Churban of the internet part III

Lashon Hora 24/7! that's how a prominent Rav summed up his drasha on Tisha B'Av regarding the use of social media and blogs as a vehicle to besmirch or bashmutz someone. Even though lashon hora is used with the tongue nevertheless it applies just as much in writing too. More so than speaking, by posting LH on the web it is there to stay, its there for eternity for all to see. It can be accessed any time from any where, it is broadcast to thousands of people. Not only that, but you give others the opportunity to chime in and add their two cents.
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While this is not something new, never the less as social media keeps on advancing and changing, the Lashon hora spread much faster and  brings many more people involved. This has now become the venue for anyone who has a machlokes or out to get someone to post it online or social media and share it with the entire world to see and enjoy.

Recently this method has been used by women in bitter divorce battles as a means of getting people to take their side and pressure the husbands to give a get. This public humiliation is against halacha in many ways. It creats a huge chilul hashem and mockery of  Toras moshe. This has unfortunately turned into a business for PR reps who are hired to defame and publicize any ills of a party they are hired to fight against.
by Re tweeting, liking, sharing and forwarding these news items and articles, you are causing Lashon Hora, Rechilos, hotzoas shem ra in a on a different magnitude.
No matter what one does the laws of the Torah that apply online as much as they apply offline.

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