Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rav Shteinman- Mir yeshiva, bochurim to join in search in jerusalem forest for missing American yeshiva bochur

Searching for Missing yeshiva bochur
Hundreds of Israeli Yeshiva bochurim learning in the Mir yeshiva and other Yeshivos in yerushalayim will participate and join in the search for missing yeshiva bochur Aaron Sofer whose gone missing now for 5 days. They will help comb through the Jerusalem forest where he was last seen. According to reports in the Israeli media Rav Shteinman specified that that only Israeli Yeshiva bochurim join in the search. American Bochurim are not as familiar with the area.

Since Elul zman  has begun, there is a shortage of volunteers and there's  still a need for manpower as not all areas of yaar yerushalayim have been thoroughly searched. please continue to daven for אהרן בן חולדה

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