Friday, August 15, 2014

Terry the UPS shadchan working on his next shidduch helping the shidduch crisis

Terry the UPS matchmaker shadchan 
UPS delivery driver Terry Spiers has been working his Crown Heights route for 23 years, giving him plenty of time to become acquainted with the families he serves. In fact, he's known as a matchmaker, of sorts, to his Orthodox Jewish customers, who have their own matchmaking system called "shidduch."

Spiers tried for years to make a match. He finally succeeded when he introduced two young customers to each other earlier this year; they recently got married.  "I made a delivery at the house of Zevy Goldin and I said to his mom, 'Would Zevy like to get married? I have a nice girl for him,'" Spiers said.
While a UPS driver isn't the first person most single people turn to in order to find love, it worked for the newlyweds. "People ask if it's a joke," Goldin said. "It was his persistence that got us to actually go out."
Spiers attended Zevy and Chana Goldin's engagement party and wedding, where UPS-themed cookies were served. He also took photos with the happy couple.
In a statement, UPS congratulated the couple and said it is "...proud of driver Terry Spiers for making a difference to a young couple. This is a good example of how UPS drivers are part of the fabric of the communities they serve."
Spiers isn't resting on his laurels. On a recent workday, he delivered packages and asked customers whether they know anyone who wants to get married. He hopes to make more love connections.


  1. He should get shadchanus gelt from Rechnitz

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