Monday, August 10, 2015

A message for the Flatbush/ Midwood Community

To: Members of the Flatbush/ Midwood Community

From: FJCC Executive committee

Reference: Congressional Vote on Iran Deal

Congress will soon vote on the proposed nuclear deal with Iran - a deal that does not eliminate Iran's pathway to a nuclear weapon.

Our Congresswoman, Yvette Clarke (NY-9) is still undecided. As you know, proponents of this deal  are engaging in an aggressive effort to convince members of Congress to vote yes.
Congresswoman Clarke needs to hear from every member of our community NOW!
It is urgent that every person do their share and take 60 Seconds and call Congresswoman Clarke's office and urge her to vote NO on the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. Every call, for or against, is counted. We must make our voices heard now. Make sure to tell them your home zip code.

The FJCC joins respected organizations including Agudath Israel of America, AIPAC, the Orthodox Union and others in urging you to stand up and be counted at this time in history. It is imperative that we galvanize every resource possible to inform our representatives in Congress that we care deeply about the security threats faced by the US and Israel.

Call Congresswoman Yvette Clarke Now:


Suggested Phone Script:
"I am a constiuent and calling to urge Congresswoman Clarke to oppose the Iran nuclear deal because it will not block Iran from getting a nuclear weapon."

Do not delay. Call NOW!

Josh Mehlman, Chairman
Chaskel Bennett, Co-founder

Executive Committee (partial listing)
Avi Schick Esq., Leon Goldenberg, Menachem Lubinsky,  Peter Rebenwurzel, Hashi Herzka,  Dean Robert Goldschmidt, Commissioner Kalman Finkel, Ephraim Fruchthandler,  Alan Esses, Avi Schron, Moshe Zakheim,  Mordy Avigdor Esq., Abish Brodt, Sammy Miller, Moshe Wulliger, Rafi Treitel,  Robert Moskovitz, Naftali Miller

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