Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tragedy, Two frum girls R"L killed in Arizona car accident near LA

 Bais Yaakov Girls on Left of  Photo passed away R''L
Levaya info HERE
Updated: Tragedy as two Frum Girls from Boro Park vacationing in Holbrook, Navajo County Arizona were killed r''l in a fatal accident Monday night.  The group of girls were returning from a trip when their car was hit by a vehicle that veered across the highway. Two other girls survived one sustained  serious injuries  other girl is ok. Names of the victims r''l are Hindy Spira A''H and Raizel Morgenstern A''H. Name for Tehilim מרים בת גיטל for a refuah shleima. She is the daughter of Reb Yanky Mier the head of Misaskim organization.  She is currently undergoing surgery.
All are asked to daven as well for Faiga Sarah bas Bracha Chaya (Myerovitz) and Miriam bas Gittel
Misaskim organization worked all night for the release of the bodies which will be flown to New York for the Levaya  (time to be announced later). May Hahem comfort the families at this most difficult time.

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  1. Oy what a terrible tragedy. Cant imagine what the parents of these girls are going through. Its always during bein hazemanim nebach that tragedies occur we need protection from hashem we have to support Torah so we can be protected by Torah learning.