Sunday, August 23, 2015

Despite Waze and GPS a Yid is never lost

Many people did not make it to the Catskills for Shabbos. They spent Shabbos parshas Shoftim 5775 in Monsey, Monroe and other locations in NY or NJ.
The fatal accident that shut down of the New York state Thruway on Erev shabbos created a traffic nightmare for Frum Yidden traveling to the Catskills. The artery, is the main thoroughfare used to get from the city to the mountains. Alerts went out warning travelers of the current traffic conditions advising them to use alternate routes. Apps such as WAZE and other traffic apps helped motorists navigate alternate routes.
Despite early warnings from chaverim and other news organizations not everyone was aware of the traffic. Also, many of the alternate routes were backed up due to the heavy diverted traffic. As a result not everyone maid it to the Catskills. Husbands whose family were in the Catskills had to spend Shabbos elsewhere.

The story goes about a frum family who got lost and ended up in a far away community for shabbos, they were put up by a Yeshiva in the community. The Rosh yeshiva greeted them as they told him how they got lost getting to their original destination. The RY smiled and told them you are not lost at all "a Yid vert keinmul nit farblundget".

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  1. My two uncles were stuck on the jersey 17 and would not make it in time to the mountains. They came to a relative in Monsey