Thursday, August 6, 2015

Physical challenges, the new fundraisers for Frum Organizations

At the Olympics games  athletes compete in a show of physical prowess, whose origin is from the ancient Olympia games in Greece. The Greeks have worshiped the physical ability of the human body. The Torah perspective is to focus on the spiritual aspect. Of course one must exercise and keep his body in shape and healthy, but never was it glorified or cheered as a public event. Was this done in the past? Sponsoring someone for a physical challenge.

Recently  many Frum Jewish organizations and Mosdos have made fundraisers which involves challenging physical activity. These events raise a lot of money and have many participants.  They include a  bike tour, a baseball game, Walka-thon, a runners club, and other sports. The participants have to raise a certain amount in order to join in the event. They get sponsors to donate per mile or run, or for the general event. Most of these organizations have an advantage since they have a broad appeal as they deal with issues relating to, children's illness, health and mental issues. This gives them more leeway in running these kind of fundraisers, since there is an emotional appeal and they affect across the spectrum of Yidden.

 So far, you will not find a mainstream yeshiva or Torah institution  to have these kind of fundraising events. (Although when the concept of a Dinner fundraiser was introduced there were those who held it to be not in the Torah spirit,)

All these Organizations are doing wonderful work for the community. Those participating in these fundraisers are selfless individuals giving up time to support a great cause.
 The question is will the yeshivos have these fundraisers too? does your mission dictate what kind of fundraising events you can do. Or perhaps its all relative to the times we live in. How about sponsoring Yeshiva boys for every hour they learn uninterrupted or for the amount of blatt they learn.


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  5. Fotheringay-PhippsAugust 7, 2015 at 10:03 AM

    If you ask me, it's a way for guys who don't have the zitsfleish to sit and learn to go out and accomplish something positive doing something they can enjoy. Seems like a win-win to me.

    Some of the lionizing seems a bit overblown. But that's true of a lot of other things as well ...