Tuesday, August 11, 2015

IDF Authorities Come to Enlist Frum Charedi Girl into the Army by Force

In middle of the night on Wednesday night August 5, military authorities arrived at the home of an 18-year-old Sephardic chareidi girl from Elad and took her to the Tel Hashomer induction base. She was brought before a military judge on Thursday morning, and the court ordered her to cooperate with the army by signing the documents inducting her in the army. IDF policy has always been to issue a deferment to any frum girl who signs a declaration that she declines serving for religious reasons. The Chareidi Seminars (High Schools) generally submit these forms to the IDF. In this case, due to technical error her form was omitted. She was taken from the court back to Tel Hashomer where she was inducted into the IDF. She was compelled to change from civilian to military clothing. After 14 hours she was released after she signed a commitment to return with the personal items she needs from home to continue her military service. But instead of returning, the girl ran away and is currently in hiding. Askanim involved noted
that while she failed to complete the forms, it is clear to IDF officials that frum girls are not inducted in military service, accusing the IDF of lacking respect for frum girls and their lifestyle. There is concern that the IDF has plans to abolish the army deferment for frum girls and did this intentionally to test the response of the chareidim.

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