Sunday, February 22, 2015

Klal perspectives the 2015 Winter issue- challenges facing the Ben Torah Baal habayis

In this issue, we shift our attention to the overall mindset and set of challenges faced by the ben Torah baal habayis – the yeshiva graduate who has a home, a family, a job – and a host of responsibilities and expectations.
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By any objective standard, the observant baal habayis is a true hero. In fact, he is remarkable in simply retaining a commitment to Torah and mitzvos while navigating the spiritual perils of today’s workplace, and the external social pressure and influences. But that is only the beginning. The baal habayis also confronts overwhelming demands, while addressing his numerous responsibilities. The financial expectations of the Orthodox home far exceed those of others, in light of the expenses of large families, Shabbos, kosher food and Orthodox community home prices, all in addition to the cost of parochial schools, camps and seminaries. As a committed ben Torah, the baal habayis also faces the pressures of finding adequate time for daily Torah study, davening with a minyan and being involved in chesed and community needs (including attending simchas and fundraising events). And, of course, there are the all-important, yet very time consuming, obligations as a husband and father.

Is addressing these numerous responsibilities simply too much to expect? Are baalei batim sufficiently prepared for all these challenges? How can they be assisted and how can they help themselves? These are the issues addressed by our distinguished contributors, which include rabbanim, baalei batim, the wife of a former kollel yungerman who is now a baal habayis, and a mental health professional who serves as a career counselor in Lakewood.

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