Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yeshiva and Torah world under assault, but we will only prosper and grow

The enemies within are going full force. The bloggers and their ilk are on a all out attack on the charedi and kollel life style. Article after article, blog post after blog post bashing, poking fun of our way of life. From the middle of the road blogger to other "frum" websites our way of life is questioned, ridiculed and mocked.  Let them scream all they want, Torah and yeshivos will continue to flourish, Kolelim are growing in many communities across the US. The havtacha of
לא ימושו מפיך, ומפי זרעך, ומפי זרע זרעך,  is as strong as ever. We must stand up, strengthen and be mechazek the lomdei torah and the supporters of Torah not to have doubts by the detractors, and continue in their avodas hakodesh.


  1. Doesn't it ever bother you that your community seems to need to feel threatened all the time? It's like you think that you need to have an external enemy and will invent them even when they don't exist.

  2. For the love of God, would you for once post an actual link to what you are attacking?

  3. Seems like a scheme to garner comments. :-)