Sunday, February 1, 2015

No fundraising dinners on super Sunday for yeshivos and Mosdos

אנו רצים והם רצים
 Look at the events calender in the Yated Ne'eman and other frum papers there are no events listed or scheduled for Sunday Feb 1st 2015. Its unfortunate and sad but the mosdos and yeshivos must be practical. As recently as a few years ago, yeshivos and Mosdos held fundraisers on the same night as the Superbowl. Apparently, they could not draw a crowd and get people to attend these fundraising events when there is a competing game on TV. As the country gears up for super Sunday, many in the frum community have been following or getting swept up with  Superbowl fever.  the Same challengeis for people making simchas and weddings. A baal simcha was quoted as saying that he will have to put up screens for the game at his daughters wedding, or the guests wont show! Is it fair to let down a baal simcha or to not support a yeshiva for 3 hours of enjoyment that has no eternal gain.  Some point out that following sports is a healthy outlet, but does it take precedent over something eternal?


  1. ". . . or to not support a yeshiva for 3 hours of enjoyment . . ."
    You've got to be kidding me. Enjoyment? At a yeshiva dinner? Rubber chicken and bland food, unable to enjoy the evening with my wife (because I can't sit with her) and umteen speeches that never end? The only thing "eternal" here is the countdown until it's finally time to leave.

    1. 3 hours of enjoyment= watching a game for 3 hours instead of attending the dinner.

  2. Ah, my yearly post on the superbowl, with Bray's comments.