Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whose voice are you?

The MO community is giddy- the so called "online voice of Torah Jewry" has published a favorable article about the JCW organization.  The middle of the road blogger quoted-
I have to give Matzav credit. Organizations like JCW have not generally been so accepted in the Charedi world which tends to be reluctant to report suspected abusers to the police. Especially if they come from prominent families. Or if the accused has a longstanding great reputation. The disbelief is so strong that they often turn against the victim – accusing them of lying about the abuse. I would therefore not be surprised if rabbinic leaders would strongly oppose something like the Wall of Shame. bla bla bla...
Does matzav have rabbonim? not that we know of, do they represent the Torah world, NO! any anonymous website no matter how frum or yeshivish sounding represents no one but themselves, but leave it up to the MO crowd to paint the frum Torah community as being pro molesters and so surprised, that Matzav would actually post about JCW.


  1. Lets see how courageous Matzav,com would be to publish this in the Yated newspaper.

  2. Its all about gelt $$

  3. reading your post makes me assume that you (Tomim) are not anonymous...