Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Do we have to censor the frum papers too?

The frum newspapers copy and paste articles from the secular media. Much of the content comes from other national media outlets. This past week a frum paper reporting on the Nepal earthquake posted a graphic with the following caption 
Nepal is prone to earthquakes because it is at the junction of the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates. The Himalayas were created when the plates collided millions of years ago, and the still-moving Indian plate pushes the mountains a few millimeters higher every year.
   Mistakes happen, however it is happening way to often with the frum publications that things have been slipping through. A few months ago a free weekly in a large frum community printed a picture that was not tznius to say the least. It unfortunately slipped through people were outraged for having their children and themselves exposed to it.The editor refused to apologize they ignore it and move on. We would like to trust the editors that all is kosher when we bring papers into our homes, we dont want to start censoring the kosher ones too.


  1. It IS possible to hold of an ancient Earth and be theologically consistent, you know...

  2. Sorry, I don't get it. What was the problem with the above quote?

  3. Learn the rambam and you wont question the "million year statement* any more.

  4. I see no problem with the quote. I do see a problem with censoring the press though..