Friday, November 6, 2015

The first Shadchan and shidduch- lessons in shidduchim- Parshas Chayei Sarah

This weeks Parsha discusses the shidduch between Yitzchok and Rivka  as Avrohom sent Eliezer his servant to find a girl for his son. There was no shidduch crisis than it was all with Emunah. Eliezer is the first known shadchan in the Torah. Many important lessons in Shidduchim are derived from this parsha. Rav Elya Boruch Finkel ZT"l the Mir RoshYeshiva would give his yearly hashkafashmooze on shidduchim on this Shabbos. Heres a lesson from the Malbim HERE 

Heres a list of Shidduchim resources, shadchanim, websites, general information

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  1. There may have been no "shidduch crisis" as we know it today, but not everyone back then, Imahot included, had an easy time of it: