Sunday, November 1, 2015

When should frum women test for BRCA gene

Rabbi Michoel Sorotzkin a Rav in Eretz Yisrael  who funds a clinic in EY to test women for Breast cancer was recently interviewed on the  Headlines  halacha radio show. (Audio below) He says in the name of many Rabbonim and doctors in the medical community  testing for the BRCA gene assuming there are no issues or reasons to test bedfore should be done at the age of 35. A baseline mammogram should be performed. Than from age 40-50 one should do an annual test with an ultra sound. of course if there is reason to suspect or a medical issue one must do so right away even at a very young age. This is calming news, where others are scaring young girls into testing at a much earlier age when there is no reason to. An article by R Yair Hoffman calls on frum women to test at 25 years old or after the birth of their first child. Listen to the fascinating interview.


  1. Reb Dovid Lichtenstein always has great fascinating topics on, it does not make him a halachic authority though.

    1. What does Yair Hoffman know about this issue, Rav Micky Sorotzkin is an expert in this field he has experience and knowledge first hand he dosent google an otzar hachochma and spit out maareh mekoimos.

  2. You have rightfully criticized Mr. Hoffman many times. However, in order to be fair, can you kindly post his article on Yitz Frankfurter? It is an important piece.

    Your willingness to give credit where it is due will ensure that your rightful criticism will be taken a lot more seriously.