Sunday, November 15, 2015

Video: Rabbi Zwiebel on OTD "Its not they its WE"

Speaking at the Keynote session of the Agudah convention, Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel spoke passionately about the children and neshamos that are leaving the fold. He said the original convention ad had a title that said "why are they leaving what can we do about it". He  received an email from someone who has left the fold asking why is it a they versus we aren't we all one? aren't we all we?. he was right said rabbi Zwiebel it is true many of these young people who have so much pain and sorrow in their immediate family's, what about the pain that they suffered pain is i 2 way street we are  all in this together there is a new title "OTD why is it happening what can WE do about it". It s a communal tragedy, a klal yisrael tragedy every person who walks away and brakes the link of mesorah is a national tragedy we are hemorrhaging. We must be mature and come up with ways and solutions to fix and prevent it. Its a problem that we have been dealing with for 20 years.
Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel


  1. and sometimes you can't do anything. as dr lob talked about his only sister , on the Columbia Social Work faculty, who penned the painful letter to the family---that frumkeit works for them , but doesn't for her... he loves her so much he forgot about her in previous talks on the subject.

    and sometimes, it's as simple as that ---some will go OTD for whatever reason, it doesnt call to them . and then it becomes a WE question--- can we love someone unconditionally knowing they have chosen to see another Light, and will most likely never come back...

    1. No. Absolutely not. Not a "Light". Darkeness. Recognizing darkness does not mean we ignore or do not love the people walking in it to whatever extent possible.