Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving shiurim

Brooklyn- Agudah Flatbush Rabbi Reisman shul

Chicago- Khal Adas Yeshurun 3050 W. Touhy  Chicago
Thanksgiving Breakfast and Shiur - Rabbi Zushe Blech
Thursday, November 26, 2015 • 14 Kislev 5776
8:45 AM - 9:45 AM
8 am Shacharis followed by Rabbi Zushe Blech shuir

1. Yeshiva Ner Boruch—PTI invites the Men & Women of the Passaic Clifton community to a LEGAL HOLIDAY YOM IYUN with HaRav Moshe Heinemann, Shlita Noted Posek, Star-K,
Morah D'asrah, Agudas Yisroel of Baltimore. "Understanding the Difference between Chumros, Halachos & Minhagim with Practical Applications"

Shacharis 8:30 AM
Followed by Breakfast Buffet
Limud B’Chavrusa 9:45—11:30 AM
Mareh Mekomos will be Provided
Shiur: 11:30 AM—12:15 PM
Followed by Q & A Session
Please email your questions to
Mincha 12:45 PM
Yeshiva Ner Boruch-PTI, 441 Passaic Avenue, Passaic, NJ 07055
2. The Passaic Clifton Community Kollel Invites the entire community to a Legal Holiday Yarchei Kallah
Thursday, November 26th Given by: Rav Eytan Feiner Shlit”a Rav of Kneseth Israel-The White Shul, Far Rockaway  Topic: Yavan & Chanukah: Beauty in Halacha & Hashkafa
Topics of Discussion: May men concern themselves with personal appearances? • Looking good and "put-together" vs. following the latest designer styles. • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery-- is it allowed? For women? For men? • Nifla'os Ha'Borei: Seeing the beauty and wonders of the world- at what cost? • A beautiful home, beautiful things...What is the correct hashkafa?
Hot Breakfast Buffet: 9:30 am
Shiur: 9:45-10:45 am
YBH -270 Passaic Ave. – Main Dining Hall

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