Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mishpacha magazine English edition issues clarification

The op-ed column by Aryeh Erlich published in the Hebrew Mishpacha did not appear in the English Mishpacha. While the two Mishpacha brands are under the same ownership, they each have completely separate Editorial Boards, each of which has its own autonomy over the editorial policies and decisions of their respective publication. The column under discussion does not reflect the English Mishpacha’s views on the issues in question.

Clarification from Hebrew Mishpacha magazine:

The State of Israel, and the Chareidi community, currently find themselves under a fatal reign of terror that doesn’t discern between one person to the next. We are all brothers, and we share the same circumstances when facing those who seek to harm us.

The op-ed that was published this week in the Hebrew Mishpacha seeks to expose the falsehood in the Palestinians’ claims that the reason for the terror is the practice of Jews going up to Har HaBayis – when in fact, they kill Jews from sheer hatred, without any differentiation between those who go up to Har HaBayis and those who don’t.

As a Chareidi publication that operates according to halacha, we oppose the practice of going up to Har HaBayis.

As a Chareidi publication that operates according to halacha, we do not differentiate between Jews. We are in this conflict shoulder to shoulder with the entire Am Yisrael, and together we daven for peace over our People, and for the welfare of the IDF soldiers.

As Jews, we believe in mutual accountability amongst all Jews, regardless of outlook and opinion.

As a Publication, we deeply regret printing a column that was misunderstood, and apologize for the distress and offense it caused among our fellow Jews, collectively and individually. Furthermore, we will take the necessary measures to prevent this kind of error in the future.

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