Friday, November 13, 2015

What did Eisav really look like?

The Parsha sheets always showed Eisav dressed like a rasha and Yaakov avinu like a tzadik. A question was recently asked Rav Chaim Kanievsky, printed in a new released sefer on chumash, according to the opinion of the balei mussar, the Kotzker rebbe on eisav's appearance it is not so. Eisav they say was dressed like a tzadik on the chitzonyois he put on a show, it was inside that he was and acted lik eisav. Why then do they show a picture of him looking like a rasha? Rav Chaim responded that the pictures are indeed correct since they depict what his children look like.


  1. My Parsha sheets always showed eisav dressed like a litvak with a down hat fedora and Yakov as a chosid with a shtreimel.

  2. So if a rashsas children were tzadikim then you would dress him as a tzadik to depict hus children?

  3. I saw a handout in Williamsburg showing Eisav dressed like the Satmar Rebbe of Monroe. So that settles it - he was dressed as a rasha.