Friday, January 2, 2015

A year since the murder of Reb Menachem Stark A''H, Agudah met with the NY Post editors

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams  holds up a copy of the New York Post at today's protest. (Photo: Kathryn Kirk)Its been a year since the gruesome kidnapping murder of Reb Menachem Stark Z''L. Klal yisrael mourned together with his family and friends as well as the entire Satmar community. At that time the NY Post on its coverage of the story ran a front page headline screaming "who didnt want him dead". Some Brooklyn politicians and Jewish leaders demanded an apology from The Post after the paper wrote about the shady business dealings of a murdered Williamsburg slumlord.
Ezra Friedlander of the Friedlander Group recently revealed in a article in AMI magazine how the Agudah leadership met with the NY Post editorial board following the coverage of the murder.
He pointed out that the NY Post leadership were surprised when told of the damage and hate they caused to the orthodox chasidic community. They were not aware of the facts and what damage came of it. Sometimes reaching out and engaging can make a difference in how we are portrayed in the media.

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  1. how exactly did agudah's reaching out and engaging make a difference? (answer: it didn't)