Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Are we gaining by having frum news websites?

 An article with a new psak by Rav Chaim Kanievsky along side an ad for a modeling agency or a article about alleged improprieties of a secular jewish lawyer. This has now become the norm in reporting news on frum jewish websites. There is one news tidbit with a dvar torah followed by an news item straightout of the gossip column in a national tabloid. National frum Torah organizations advertise and patronize these websites giving them a sort of approval.
 When it comes to reading the news online many count on the so called "frum news websites" or blogs to deliver it in a kosher clean way void of any pritzus or lashon hora. Some sites do a very good job by keeping the content clean and suitable for a frum jew. Unfortunately many of the most visited frum websites keep on posting horrible content full of pritzus lashon hora and far frum any Torah standard. These websites have  no rabbinic board (at least publicly known) or even a editor to take responsibility or back up what is posted. People assume that a website with a  kosher jewish heimish yeshivish sounding name comes along with a hechsher. That can not be further from the truth its unfortunate that these sites nust be censored as well.

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