Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blizzard! When 3 shevat falls out on Erev Shabbos 'ויגש' ו' יהיה ג' שבט שלג גדול יירד וקור there will be a Snow storm and cold winter ahead.

 In anticipation for the Blizzard that will pound the Northeast it is worthy to mention The Pri magadim brings down from the sefer Eliyahu Raabba in the name of Rav Eizak Chaver that when Rosh Chodesh shevat falls out on Wednesday as the case this year 5775 then Gimmel Shevat falls out on Friday. It will be a snowy and cold winter. The Roshei Teivos is ויגש  .ו' יהיה ג' שבט
Meaning  when Friday falls out on 3 of the month of shevat. שלג גדול יהיה וקור or
 'ויגש' ו' יהיה ג' שבט שלג גדול יירד וקור
ספר "אליה רבה" (תרפה,ד) שחי לפני כ-300 שנה: "מצאתי כתוב, לעולם כשחל ראש חודש שבט ביום ד' [רביעי, כמו השנה הנוכחית], אז הוא קור ושלג גדול באותו חורף".


  1. where in Pri Megadim

    1. תרפה also click on the picture in the post.

  2. There were years with blizzards that the third of Shevat was not on a Friday. There is a large asteroid going near earth on the date of the predicted storm.
    On Monday evening, January 26 from 10 p.m. to midnight CST Marshall scientists will observe the large Asteroid 2004 BL86 as it passes by Earth.
    The asteroid will safely pass about three times the distance of Earth to the moon, or approximately 745,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) from Earth. Scientists have been tracking the path of the asteroid for 11 years and know its orbit well. Asteroid 2004 BL86 will not approach Earth this close again for at least 200 years.