Friday, January 9, 2015

4 Hostages klled R''L in Paris Kosher market 15 freed some in critical condition

 Updated -Reports are now claiming that 4 of the hostages held up at the Paris Kosher market were killed R''L. 15 others have been freed some of those remain in critical condition.
French forces free jewish hostage held up in kosher grocery in Paris

Baby held hostage freed by French police at Kosher market in Paris

Tehillim in BMG lakewood for french Jews

As Shabbos descends on Paris world Jewry is davening for the safe release of the Jewish hostages held up in a kosher supermarket in eastern suburb of Paris. According to sources 2 men including A Lubavitch Chasid, 2 women and an 11-month-old baby are among the hostage. In addition French authorities are asking yidden in France not to congregate as they fear additional attacks.
 Names for Tehillim- Shmuel Yitzchok Ben Sara - Zerya Bas Susan - Andra Bas Jusian - Mordechai Ben Miriam  noah ben sarah , meryl bas nancy and sarah bas louna
שמואל יצחק בן שרה
מרדכי בן מרים
אנדרי בת סוזן
זרי בת סוזן

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