Thursday, January 15, 2015

Where is the seichel? they could have used other pictures like most frum newspapers did

The world media are up in arms about the doctored photo in a frum newspaper of the unity march in Paris. The Hamevaser newspaper in EY  removed the few females featured in a photo of 40 world leaders at the Sunday rally. The alteration is part of the paper’s Orthodox policy to not publish pictures or even names of women.
Hamodia front page
Had it not been the Internet age no one would have known about a small frum newspaper in Israel, However in the Internet age everything is posted and shared for the world to see the editors should have known better. The editors, while defending their longstanding  policy to not publish pictures  in its pages could have easily chose other news photos of the march in France. The Hamodia, Yated Neeman and other papers who have a policy of not showing photos of women all figured it out. Theres no shortage of stock photos to use for a front page headline.


  1. Who tipped off the media if not our very own internal enemies?...

  2. This is why the internet is the greatest invention since the wheel... DETERRENCE...

  3. "Orthodox policy"? Does this mean the next edition of the Artscroll Bible will remove the names of Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel, and Leah? Will those psukim that describe their physical beauty be censored out as well? After all, we would want the children to get any ideas. And don't get me started on that total kefirah that is Shirat Devorah. A woman singing? Chalilah!

    1. Surely you are aware of "kol kevuda bas melech penima".

      So are you really unable to distinguish between textual pesukim by Hashem about our imahos versus, lihavdil on so many levels, a newspaper publishing photographic depictions of women, and for absolutely no Torah reason?