Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our creator צור ישראל or Bitzur Yisrael

Guest post by Moshe Harel
Paris is still reeling from the events of three weeks ago, but Mayor Deblasio hasn’t been the only one to stop by and say hello. Israel has decided to send the French Foreign legion to investigate.
  A joint team of Shabak and Mossad has spent time in Paris probing the attack. Within Mosad, there exists a unit called “Bitzur.” {Mivtzar is a fort, so the word bitzur means to fortify} Its purpose is to try and help beef up security for Jews throughout the world, working with communities and their local police department.
  France’s military and intelligence branches are on high alert everywhere, and the Jewish neighborhoods are no exception. The plot thickens here-since when do foreign agencies intervene in a sovereign state’s domestic affairs? Suppose, the Flatbush Shomrim would hop over and offer assistance wouldn’t that seem a little redundant?

 It makes you wonder- what’s Mossad’s message here? If these warriors of stealth were  indeed stellar individuals, motivated by humanist altruism for their brethren’s sake, that’s genuine chesed at work. But don’t bet the house and mortgage on this one.

 Apparently, someone wants to flex their muscles and act as the gatekeeper, the steward of “Am Yisrael”. Actually, the guys with the dark sunglasses and Glocks are clueless. The simple Jew on the streets in Marseilles can bring them up to speed; he’s better equipped with a timeless GPS that’s always accurate -the weekly Sidra.
Parshas Vairah relates the beginning of the exodus of our odyssey in Egypt- the Supreme entity brought “Dever” or pestilence upon the livestock of Mitzrayim while the Hebrew land of Goshen did not share misfortune. “So that you are aware that I am Hashem “Bkerev Haretz”, in the midst of civilization itself. He is the “Shalit Umashgiach,” who charts the course of history, writes Nachmanides [8:18].
 The only One above micromanages events circa 2015, just as he did back then, for the nascent Jewish nation.
 The same entity that snatched 4 kedoshim from our midst in a Paris grocery, spirited away others to safety in a freezer downstairs for reasons of his own. Obviously, it is he who placed Al Quaida and ISIS right where they are in Mesopotamia and beyond, as part of a master plan to bring the world to its tikun, B’malchus Shakai. These pathogens will disappear at a time of his choosing.
 Spymasters  of Jerusalem the Golden- sorry, but there’s already someone else in the driver’s seat. Truth to tell, were all spectators as the worlds events unfold. 3,000 yrs of survival has burnished in the Jewish consciousness that it won’t be Agent A. or the Kirya in Tel Aviv [Israeli version of the pentagon] that will ultimately sustain us, until the Achris Hayomim.
It’s the  “Ain Od Milvado,” the Mekabetz Nidchei Yisrael.


  1. I find many are very one-sided about this issue - is it hishtadlus or is it HKB"H? You say HKB"H, as if any hishtadlus is irrelevant. It isn't irrelevant. Perhaps it is ineffective without peace among our people, without acknowledgement of the Real Source. But not irrelevant.

    1. Your point is well taken; however, protecting ones own borders is in order. Playing arbiter in another country is crossing the line.

    2. My guess is that Moshe Harel would be gushing with gratitude to President Obama if he had sent security forces over to Paris. Only if Jews in Israel (I.e. Zionists) do it does the vituperation come out. A good example was during the summer Gaza war when another Haredi blog came out and said "First of all we owe a massive debt of gratitude to President Obama for funding the Iron Dome" . Why not the Jews who fought and the dozens who died in the war? Why no gratitude to them.? Because they are Zionist Jews, many of whom are religious? Say the word "Zionist" and all the rage starts pouring out?