Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kosher Lashon Hora ?

  What differentiates the frum media from the Secular press besides for having a place to present the news with a Torah Hashkafa, we are limited in the content due to Torah laws we abide by. We are not permitted to print the latest Gossip and lashon Hora or publish shmutz. Sometimes all we can report is Dog bites man.

The frum media both  print and online in blogs and comments, has lately taken on to a  negative, hateful and angry tone. Be it a rant on a website, a article in the paper or mainly in the letters to the editor section of many newspapers and free weeklies. Most of the letters are signed anonymous  or with a pen name. The letters in nature are either attacking, rebuking, expounding upon the shortcomings of another yid ,or simply a place for people to let out their frustrations on a recent incident that happened to them. For example, one letter is yelling at the guy in shul who was talking loudly on his cell, or the car that cut me off, the brother in law who said a insensitive comment, or a shvigger complaint. On and on  these letters to the editor are one of the main enjoyable feature in many newspapers. 

While initially the letters are meant as a forum for readers to comment on a previously printed article, it has become a place where the common folk can have a place to discuss their ideas and concerns about various issues. Many good ideas and actions have been formulated through positive discussion in these forums and letters. However it has recently turned into a not so friendly place. Where people have an enjoyment and get their daily fix by publicizing someone else's wrong doing or shortcoming. What is the point to be mefarsem what happened in the grocery or at the doctors office. If it bothers you, go approach the person to his face and tell him what you think. Halachacly there may be a problem with the issur of ארור מכה רעהו בסתר. The content of these letters are not what will bring the geulah, as we approach Rosh Chodesh Tamuz let us work on seeing the good in each other and write positive stories

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  1. How many people would buy these papers or read them if not for the readers write or letters forums?

    I am impressed with Hamodia for being the sole news site that does not allow comments.

    They are Michayev all the rest.