Sunday, June 9, 2013

Program for Atzeres Mechaah aginst Giyus Bnei hayeshivos

The Atzeres and demostration against drafting Yeshiva students to the Israeli army will take place today Sunday June 9th, 2013 in New York City at 26 Federal Plaza/ in Manhattan. 
Photos setting the stage.
Manhattan: Photo final preparation underway for today's protest at Federal Plaza
Program and speakers.
Tehillim hagaon Harav Aaron Schecdhter Rosh Yeshiva mesivta Chaim berlin ehillim rav aaron shechter
Pesicha Rav Yaakov Weiss menahel yeshiva gedolah satmar kiryas Yoel
 yoshev rosh Haatzeres safra Ddayna of Hisachdus harabonim Reb Yitzchok Glick

1. Harav Elya ber Wachtfogel Rosh Yeshiva yeshiva gedolah of South Fallsburg 
2. Admor M'galanta
3. Rav Noach issac Oelbaum- Queens
4. English speech to the press and media explaining the reason for Atzeres
5. Rav Yaakov Horowitz Rosh yeshiva Bais Meir
6. Avvad Dushinsky
7. Rav Nachman Shtauber Menahel Satmar yeshiva Queens, NY
Neilas hamamad kabolas ohl Malchus Shamayim Rav Yaakov Weiss
 Lakewood deputy Mayor, Major Menashe Miller, US armed forces will thank law enforcement agencies for arranging security for the event. 


  1. a chutzpah that the Rosheshives are going against Rav Steinman and Rav chaim Kanievski

    They should take off their shoes and ask mechilah

  2. This protest was a complete embarrassment to Jews worldwide.

  3. Its going to be a long line if they ask Mechilah.

  4. Rav Chaim Kanievsky also thougth that a demonstration was the right thing to do, and only withdrew support out of deference to Rav Shteinman. Rav Eli Ber Wachtfogel and Rav Aharon Shechter are no small potatoes either. So there is more to this than we are aware. Let's just leave it at Eilu V'Eilu. Agree to respectfully disagree. Each man should follow his Rav.