Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mass Kinus and Internet Asifa in williamsburg today about Internet danger.

Brooklyn: U/D Photo of the massive crowd at the Union Lot  (RZ"L)
Click HERE for Video of the Kinus.

 Kinus "Lishmor velasos" al Chomasayich Hifkadeti Shomrim ,will take place this evening Sunday June, 2  2013 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, regarding the dangers of the internet and technology. 
Thousands are expected to attened the outdoor event on the Union Lot on Union street additional seating on Taylor street.
 Due to rain in the forecast event will begin on time, Please bring umbrellas.
Mincha  at 6:30 followed by Pirkei Tehilim recited by the Tzelehmer Rav
Divrei Pesicha by ravad Dushinsky,
Williamsburg – Internet Asifa of Satmar Aronim at Taylor
Satmar Rebbe Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum will speak so will the Viener rav
Divrei Neila by Hrh"g Chaim Feivel Schnebalg Monsey
 Kabulas ol Malchus Shamayim by Skulener Rebbe shlita.
photos of Kinus courtesy of @yiddishnews.

speakers by Taylor street were:
spinka rebe, R" Nechemia Gotlieb, tolaas yakav, kosov rebe, Ravd YM, Satmar Ruv, Grs"z Meislish, Wosner Monsey, lelov YM, Chernowitz


  1. link to see live stream"???

  2. chassidisheshechitaJune 3, 2013 at 8:43 PM

    Your photo link is to a pruste website! Are you mocking the internet asifa?

  3. who can i contact regarding screening my computer. i want to block everything besides for what i need for my work. is it tag or something. if yes what their phone number

    1. TAG Brooklyn Hotline:

      TAG Lakewood Hotline: