Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who is our voice?

who is our voice ?
One  frum Torah Website calls itself  the Online voice of  Torah Jewry, only thing is, the webmaster and editors are all anonymous, unnamed, and unaccountable. There are no names of  Rabbanim listed, or any mention of a rabbinical board. This website has recently featured two articles posting letters attacking the free weekly Newspapers specifically  against one thats distributed in Flatbush and Lakewood, which is the voice of Flatbush Jewish community. It questioned the content of some ads and letters to the editor, the lack of oversight by the editors and called upon Advertisers to rethink their  advertising in such a paper.
Every paper has mistakes that slip through, some apologize the next week others just move on, just last week a website with no oversight pulled some stories that were mevazeh gedolim. Did they apoligize or explain why it was posted? At least the so called free weeklies have an editor who is not shy to put a name and face to the paper. If you agree or disagree thats up to you, but they are not hiding anonymously behind a screen calling themselves the online Voice of Torah Jewry or representative of the Yeshiva world.
Just last week,  there was a public outcry  calling on the so called frum kosher sites to stop being mevazeh gedolim, spreading machlokes, and to report the kosher news without the shmutz. Why is there a heter when its not in print? The frum print media would never publish any content in the frum online blogs. The answer is simple the so called websites that are the voice of the yeshiva world and Torah Jewry are anonymous and have no accountability. 
Who am I ? I'm a nobody, not claiming to be anyone's voice. 


  1. You are a man with an opinion. That is what counts. Keep up the great work. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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    1. Thank you! read the article again.

  3. Get your facts straight. The "only" frum (if you call it that) website that is totally anonomous is VIN. The other 2 site names that you quote are no secret at all who own and operate them. Makes sense for a partial brain!

    1. They are all anonymous! did you see their names or rabbis that support the content?

  4. I can see that you have your finger on the pulse of the ins and outs of the frum websites and blogs. Since it seems you may have influence on them and connections to them, I am bringing to your attention a very significant issue. From previous posts, I see that you know about The Yeshiva World website. Its name implies that it represents the yeshivishe world, and that people from the yeshivishe world can feel comfortable viewing this website because it is kosher v’yosher and free of materials that yeshivishe people want to avoid. But that is very far from the truth. Prominently displayed on the home page of The Yeshiva World is the “Coffee Room,” which is a very great mich’shol. It looks innocent enough – what could be wrong with networking with others on topics, perhaps for advice or to find out information? And Yeshiva World will even exonerate themselves by saying they have a moderator who steps in to stop inappropriate conversations. But it’s a farce! First of all, the very idea of a social networking forum on a yeshivishe website is outrageous! The people who participate in the dialogue on The Coffee Room could be bochurim, single girls, women, men – nobody really knows who one is talking to. And the topics discussed are far from appropriate for boys and girls to be talking to each other about. Some examples of topics that are being “chatted” about between boys and girls, and other anonymous users, are:

    Walking Behind a Woman, Girls wearing boys clothing, Is it untznius for a girl to ride a bike, Wearing Perfume, Divorce Stories, Tznius Support Group – PLEASE WOMEN ONLY, Guys-things that a girl does or says on a date that makes you lose interest, Shidduchim: Girls & Size Zeros, Shidduchim & Weight, Kosher Movies/ Torah TV, Jewish feminism, nail polish, Good Jokes, It's A Man's World, Respected Rabbanim Eating Out, Abused Husbands, parenting/sexual abuse, Do Women Need Marriage?

    The moderator may step in from time to time, but there should not be an outlet in the first place for boys and girls to chat like this, and certainly not about these topics! And by the time the moderator steps in, so much inappropriate conversation has already taken place! What kind of yeshivishe website is this? It is such a big mich’shol for people who think that the website is kosher and okay to use!
    And another point – a good filter blocks one from accessing social networking. Well this is certainly a social networking forum if I’ve ever seen one. Why isn’t it blocked out? What is the purpose of a filter if one can join such a chat room? Like I said, it’s a farce!

    It would be a very important thing for you to stop this mich’shol by contacting the appropriate parties – perhaps TAG or other people involved in the efforts to filter inappropriate material on the internet.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.