Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ufaratzta YUMA! Chabad unite with Satmar to bring Shmurah matzah קדמה

Weather, not the only hot thing going on in Arizona. An Article  featured on the front page of New York Times, harvesting wheat in Yuma, Arizona for Shmurah Matzah. Naturally the NYT had to focus on the Satmar vis Satmar rather than the Satmar Chabad unity.

In The Video the Shluchim are asked if it rained since they got to the field seven weeks ago, they respond not a drop of rain. They watched day and night Shabbos and Yom tov and Boruch Hashen not a drop of rain. They  turn to the Satmar Rebbe  Rav aaron Teitelbaum and say in hebrew EFES -zero rain drops. Dayan Brody, a Brisker, than confirms that when they got there in the beginning the wheat was green. In attendance was the Skver dayan of Lakewood, Rav Avrohom Spitzer.

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  1. Of course NYT will report on that. That's news! Aside from the NYT, the rebbe v rebbe saga is an utter embarrassment.